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- Earn from one client from 1000₽
- Work on the market with a margin of 400%
- Earn from 70 000₽
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- Plotter Cameo 4

- Pattern database software

- Squeegee, fiber, hair dryer, tweezers

- Mat for pasting

- Complete wrapping training

- Equipment training

- Advertising materials for promotion
- Produce 360 film for any device
Drop tests of armored film:
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    Why polyurethane is better than hydrogel films and glass?

    Number of your clients equals the quality of the material you use!
    Fully covers the phone
    Polyurethane fits perfectly on curved surface, due to which it completely covers the body and edges, unlike hydrogel films.
    Doesn't peel off edges
    The polyurethane film has a durable adhesive layer, thanks to which she can stay on the phone for about a year.
    Best material quality
    Polyurethane is fundamentally different in quality, it does not yellow, does not affect the operation of the sensor and really protects the phone from drops and chips.
    The scratches are being healed
    Scratches on the film are restored within several days thanks to Top Coat.
    High margin
    Customers are willing to pay more for better quality material and if the hydrogel is installed for 1000-1200 rubles, then the average installation cost polyurethane - 1900/2000r.
    Doesn't affect screen performance
    The film keeps the response of the sensor at the same level and does not affect the operation of the fingerprint

    Benefits of a wrapping film business:

    High profit
    The profit is from 200 to 400 percent, since The highest quality film costs about 120 rubles per side of the phone. Due which opens up huge spaces for building high-quality service, content and advertising.
    Huge Market
    Provided that in our city this service provided in all shopping centers, we consistently have 3-4 clients a day, since the market accessories is very large and even in small towns there are many people who are interested in it.
    Variety of materials
    You can offer clients as a protective transparent or matte film, and a huge variety of vinyls, from leather to carbon.
    Ease of production
    You just need to buy a plotter with software supplies, tools and material that is very cheap, and voila, you can already produce and install this film in your city.
    No special knowledge needed
    Work with equipment and film pasting does not require special skills, this can be learned in a few days and in a month to recoup all investments.
    Minimum investment
    You can enter this business with minimal investment. from 75 thousand rubles, and for starters, you won’t even need to rent a room and hire an employee, you can provide this service with home visits and it works great.
    You will provide a premium product to the vast market of mobile devices that need protection: smartphones, tablets, watches, game consoles, headphones. Some of them are expensive and very expensive.
    Ready to start business!
    - Film installation tool kit
    - Pasting and plotter training
    - Support throughout the cooperation
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    conditions cooperation!

    - Plotter Cameo 4

    - Software with pattern database

    - Squeegee, fiber, hair dryer, tweezers

    - Mat for Wrapping

    - Complete Wrapping Training

    - Equipment Training

    - Advertising materials for promotion
    - Cutting plotter and program with pattern database
    Payment options:
    Payment to current account
    After signing the contract, you can pay the entire amount to the current account.
    Installment plan
    We cooperate with banks, so you You can pay in installments without interest and down payment.
    It is also possible to pay by card Sberbank/Tinkov
    What devices can be glued?
    Make a first step already today!
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    What are the types of films?

    Order material for cutting!

    We have an online store where you you can find a huge amount of polyurethane and vinyl film for cutting on a plotter.

    What is the difference between hydrogel machines?

    Most people do mistake and buy a hydrogel film cutting machine.
    Poor quality
    Hydrogel film is very poor quality protection, which not only does not adhere well to the edges of the phone and constantly peels off, but also has completely different structure compared to polyurethane.
    Binding to material
    Having bought such a plotter, you will be completely dependent on one film supplier because it is not possible to cut any material other than hydrogel.
    Less income
    You will earn less because you can't cut protection for tablets and laptops, as such machines are too small. And also you can there are problems with patterns, which are often very crooked.
    We often receive inquiries from people who have bought hydrogel plotters are facing these issues and are looking for a better alternative.

    More than 100 owners of service centers and shops accessories have already implemented this service in their business!

    Install texture pleg
    Provide customers with a wide variety films to choose from, from leather and carbon to protective polyurethane, you can buy material from us, which we personally test in retail sales.
    Paste over any device
    Install the film on any device, whether phone, tablet, laptop, or even IQOS, there are more than 3000 templates in our program!
    Control employees
    Control how many films each of your employee for one day and for which models. Thanks to the built-in CPM system, this can be done in 2 clique.
    Work under your brand
    Our partners do not have any obligations, you you can use your material, unlike hydrogel plotters, and promote your business under your own name.
    Get a presentation and business plan from detailed information and conditions!
    Possible formats of work:
    On departure
    - No office expenses

    - Unique offer on the market

    - Saving on employees

    - Ideal for getting started

    In mall
    - Passing traffic

    - High RPM

    - Super profit thanks to good location

    - Easy to scale

    In operating business
    - Can be installed on any device

    - No need to keep large stocks, as with covers

    - Working with an established customer base

    Partner reviews
    (You can take the number of any of the partners from us and personally get their opinion on about our software)
    Good base and quality pattern, there are all popular phones, laptops, tablets and watches. Also very pleased with technical support answering questions as soon as possible. They will help you deal with the plotter, tell you what and how best expose. Stable patterns database updates, in general, everything is clear. Now in the process of payback, most of the profit goes to advertising.
    Software the best on the market of patterns, all patterns are accurate to mm, ideally fit on any gadget. The database contains templates on almost any device, and most importantly, it is updated immediately after the release of new gadgets.

    What made you hooked on our product? - Relatively low cost and high quality

    What was your maximum monthly profit? - 60 000 rubles
    What hooked the product? - U You have a more attractive price tag than competitors.

    How quickly did the equipment pay for itself? (was purchased a Graphtec 7000 plotter and software with a subscription for a year for a total amount of 350.000r) - Paid for 3 month.

    What was the best profit per month? - Net profit after expenses 175.000₽ in august

    What hooked the product? - It is convenient that you can cut the film in front of the buyer on a certain model and immediately paste it, but sometimes it's hard to find patterns in software

    How quickly did the equipment pay for itself? - 4 months probably

    What is the maximum number of films glued per month - Maximum per month glued 46 films

    Do you want to become a Phone partner? Armor and start installing film in your city?

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